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Parents of young children are the first and most important teachers a child will ever have. All moms, dads, grandparents, relatives, and community members want their children to be successful in school and life. As children mature from infants, to toddlers, to preschoolers, and transition into kindergarten, there are many challenges.  Eaton County’s GREAT START Collaborative, is working to build a comprehensive early childhood system for our county that will meet the needs of all families.  

Slide ShowIn 2001, our Mission, Vision and Priority Needs for Services were adopted by the Birth to Five Subcommittee of the Eaton County Human Services Collaborative. Our Mission “to insure that every child in Eaton County enters school optimally prepared to learn and grow to the best of his/her ability, agencies, parents, caregivers, and the community commit to providing a supportive environment characterized by respect and by the provision of accessible and coordinated services” continues to guide the collaborative work envisioned by the local GREAT START Collaborative Council, as funded by the Early Childhood Investment Corporation.

We hope you will find this site helpful. With input from parents and professionals, we have attempted to provide helpful resources that include information and links for school readiness, activities, parenting tips, child development, parent support, and community resources for parents, family, and friends of Eaton County.

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